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Elysia unlocks the untapped potential of batteries, delivering for both businesses and the planet

State of Health

Extend Life

Increase battery life by up to 30%. Elysia unlocks fleet value through superior financing, greater warranty assurance, and second-life potential.

Enhance Safety

Enhance Safety

Detect faults and anomalies early through Elysia’s proprietary physically-informed technology. Elysia understands, monitors, and generates actionable insights to reduce risk of safety incidents¬†providing warranty assurance.

State of Power

Unlock Performance

Realise the untapped performance from any cell chemistry. Elysia reliably and safely unlocks range, power and faster charging, no matter the application.

Beyond Automotive

From e-scooters to electrified mining trucks, we believe in the potential to unlock value from every battery on the planet.

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Photo of a WAE engineer working on an EV battery

Born on the racetrack, designed for the real world

As a pioneer in high performance EVs, Fortescue WAE has operated at the forefront of electrification for over a decade. Elysia brings Fortescue WAE’s world-class expertise to every battery on the planet.

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Combining best-in-class AI, electrochemistry and real-world battery systems experience

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Find out how we can increase the life, safety and performance of any battery system. Discover how your business can benefit from the power of battery intelligence.

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