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2000 kW

battery peak


12 minute

fast charge
to 80%


Developing the first British Hypercar

In 2019, Fortescue WAE entered a strategic technical partnership with Lotus, with the companies sharing research and development into advanced propulsion technologies. Central to that partnership was the Evija, featuring the world’s most power dense EV road-car battery, outputting 2000kW, and delivering world-leading fast charge times.


Extreme E

Building a sustainable future of motorsport

Following the success of delivering batteries into Formula E, Fortescue WAE went on to win the battery contract for an all-new fully electric off road series, Extreme E. Designed to highlight the impact of climate change around the globe, Extreme E races races across everything from Arctic tundra (-10°C) to desert sand dunes (40°C). Despite these harsh environments, the battery system has delivered 99.9% in-race reliability whilst delivering sporting equity and ultra-high performance.




99.9 %



470 kW


3D render of an extreme E car driving at speed through sand


30 minute

fast charge of
1.4MWh battery


>50 °C

max operating

Photo of a Fortescue mining truck

Electrified Mine Haul Trucks

Changing the future of mining

Elysia’s Embedded algorithms and Cloud Platform are powering the next generation of electrified mining trucks for Fortescue. Elysia’s Embedded algorithms enable fast charging of the 1.4MWh battery system within 30 minutes, whilst ensuring minimal downtime through always-on balancing. The Elysia Cloud Platform supports remote monitoring of battery health and life forecasting, whilst safety is ensured through advanced prognostic algorithms which analyse every parallel cell group.




Electrifying the 24hrs of Le Mans

As exclusive battery supplier to the Le Mans-Daytona Hybrid (LMDh) set of regulations, Fortescue WAE were tasked with developing an ultra-high power battery system capable of relentless operation over a 24-hour race period. Powered by Elysia Embedded, the system can operate continuously in-part due to the use of Elysia’s Always-On Balancing algorithm, ensuring the system remains reliable and in balance throughout the race event. Furthermore, Elysia’s model-based State-of-Power algorithm increases the system’s usable-energy density by more than 30%, by enabling ultra high-power operation even at extreme low and high states of charge.



>150C high C-rate



30% increase

in usable energy density

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