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Battery Intelligence

Elysia Cloud

Enhance the lifetime, safety and performance of any battery system

World-class battery intelligence, turning data into longer-lasting, safer and higher-performing batteries

Elysia Cloud combines expert battery knowledge, world-class data science, and systems understanding to turn standard telematics data into powerful insights. Built on over a decade’s worth of real-world battery experience from Fortescue WAE, combined with best-in-class cloud computing, Elysia unlocks value from batteries, making them work for both businesses and the planet.

Designed for:

  • Automotive
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Stationary Storage
  • Micromobility

Simulation toolkit

The power of simulation

Streamline product development and reduce total cost of ownership: Elysia’s Simulation Toolkit allows fleet managers and battery system developers to rapidly simulate the impact of usage on battery life and performance, powered by world-class battery models.


Web App

Rapidly assess the impact of usage on battery life and electrothermal performance, all via an easy-to-use web app.

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Bespoke API

Run custom simulation assessments on demand, and seamlessly integrate battery degradation into fleet optimisation toolsets.

Simulink® Integration

Ultimate flexibility integrated into existing engineering workflows: Simulink models allow engineers to mix and match electrical, thermal and ageing models with custom domain models and control systems.

Coming Soon

Over the air integration

The future of battery management: combining Elysia Cloud with Elysia’s powerful Embedded BMS algorithms, to enable bespoke, health-adaptive BMS parameters to be pushed to individual assets, unlocking performance whilst mitigating warranty concerns for OEMs.

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Discover how Elysia Cloud can help your business unlock the maximum potential of its batteries

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