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JLR Signs Deal with Fortescue for Advanced EV Battery Intelligence Technologies in Luxury Vehicles

21 May 2024

Monica Hide

  • JLR is investing in a strategic collaboration to use Fortescue’s cutting-edge battery intelligence software, Elysia
  • The software is designed to enhance battery longevity, safety and overall performance across JLR’s portfolio of luxury electric vehicles
  • Clients can anticipate faster EV charging times and enhanced performance
  • First-of-its-kind collaboration in the automotive industry on a production fleet with Fortescue’s innovative software, debuting on Range Rover Electric launching later this year
  • Collaboration supports JLR’s electrification ambitions and its goal of achieving carbon net zero by 2039

Gaydon, UK – 20 May 2024: JLR has signed a multi-year deal to use Fortescue’s advanced battery intelligence software, Elysia, in its next-generation electric vehicles. The software will help enhance JLR’s luxury vehicles with improved battery longevity, safety, and performance.

Starting with the new Range Rover Electric, launching later this year, Fortescue’s Elysia software will monitor all future JLR EVs. This will help to give clients a better ownership experience with faster charging, improved reliability, and increased range.

Monitoring battery health throughout its life will support sustainability by making it easier to transition batteries from electric vehicles to second-life applications.

Fortescue’s innovative software uses physics-informed digital twins and probabilistic artificial intelligence to identify and solve battery issues, helping JLR optimise battery performance and safety for clients.

This collaboration is part of JLR’s Reimagine strategy to electrify all its brands by 2030 and achieve carbon net zero by 2039. Fortescue has its own ambitious decarbonisation goals, including eliminating emissions from its operations by 2030 (Scope 1 & 2).

Thomas Mueller, Executive Director, Product Engineering at JLR, said:“Fortescue’s technology will provide JLR with even greater access to data analytics, integral as we electrify our entire vehicle portfolio by 2030. As the industry transitions towards electrification, collaborations such as these are paramount, as we look to further enhance the safety, performance and lifetime of our batteries.”

Mark Hutchinson, Fortescue CEO, said: “This collaboration showcases the very best of cutting-edge innovation and engineering. Through Fortescue’s breakthrough battery intelligence software, JLR will benefit from a new level of access to battery data and a revolutionary way to monitor its products in the real world, ensuring that every product lives up to the brand’s exceptionally high standards. The lessons and innovations we have both learned from motorsport are now being applied to the management of battery systems on our roads, unlocking a leading future of EV performance for JLR’s customers.”

This strategic collaboration allows JLR to gain detailed insights into battery conditions, offering specific recommendations to improve performance through software updates.

Collaborations like this are key to JLR’s Reimagine strategy. In December 2023, JLR partnered with Tata Communications to connect 128 global sites with advanced digital capabilities, supporting JLR’s vision of modern luxury and sustainability.

Notes to Editors 

About JLR

JLR’s Reimagine strategy aims to deliver a sustainability-rich vision of modern luxury by design.

We are transforming our business, targeting carbon net zero across our supply chain, products, and operations by 2039. We have set a roadmap to reduce emissions across our own operations and value chains by 2030 through approved, science-based targets. Electrification is central to this strategy and before the end of the decade our Range Rover, Discovery, Defender collections will each have a pure electric model, while Jaguar will be entirely electric.

At heart we are a British company, with two design and engineering sites, three vehicle manufacturing facilities, an engine manufacturing centre, and a battery assembly centre in the UK. We also have vehicle plants in China, Brazil, India, Austria, and Slovakia, as well as seven technology hubs across the globe.  

Jaguar Land Rover is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Motors Limited, part of Tata Sons.

About Fortescue

Fortescue is focused on becoming the number 1 integrated green technology, energy and metals company. It is developing and acquiring the technology and energy needed to decarbonise not only its own Australian operations by 2030, but to help others do the same, working to accelerate commercial decarbonisation rapidly, profitably and globally.

Fortescue’s battery intelligence software, Elysia, is using its best-in-class life forecasting to bring game-changing insights to the automotive, heavy industry, e-mobility, and energy storage sectors. The technology will provide all car makers with not only unprecedented access to battery insights but also the ability to proactively optimise and enhance performance across the battery’s entire lifecycle.


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